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Professional laundry services, includes washing  of curtains, clothing articles, table clothes etc.

Night Curtains


Day Curtains


Black Out Curtains


General Wash

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High Ceiling Curtains


Table Cloths, Napkins


Terms Of Service

All In One Services Pte Ltd will not be held responsible for any defects in material discoloration, color loss, shrinkage, exposure, due to its weak nature and conditions of the fabric that are not visibly apparent prior to acceptable processing procedure. This applies to all items send for load wash, laundry, dry- cleaning or ironing.


All In One Services Pte Ltd will not be held responsible for the loss of damage to ornaments, special buttons, trimmings, sequins, buckles, beads, belts, shoulder pads, elastic bands or any other things that is left with the deposited items.


In the event of fire, loss or damages, however caused to the deposited items for which we may accept liability without prejudice, such liability SHALL NOT EXCEED S$180.00 or TEN (10) TIMES the rate charge for cleaning the items whichever is lower and it will be in the forms of our company’s voucher. All claims must be made within (24) hours after notification or receipt of the item(s) and must be accompanied by the original official receipt. All In One Services Pte Ltd reserves the right to determine the amount of compensation. Such compensation shall be limited to the fair value of the item after taking into consideration the depreciation in value due to age, fashion and use.


Unless otherwise agreed upon by All In One Services Pte Ltd, the claimed item(s) whether it is partially or completely damaged must be rightfully retained by us upon full settlement of the claim.


Any request or attempts to remove stains will be done at the sole risk of the customer. COMPLETE REMOVAL OF STAINS ARE NOT GARANTEED.


Customers must indicate the number of item(s) while depositing with us, otherwise our count will be deemed to be correct and final. We will not entertain any further claims whatsoever should there be any discrepancies.


Customers must inspect all articles and if there are any dissatisfaction it must be made known at the point of delivery or collection, overwise no subsequent complaints shall be entertained.


All items must be claimed within TWO (2) WEEKS from the date indicated on our invoice or cash sale, otherwise All In One Services Pte Ltd reserves the right to dispose all unclaimed item(s) after the expiry date.

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